About Me


Let me tell you something about me, since you got to this page.

I’m new to this writing world, don’t judge me if i get something wrong but i have been passionate about writing and sharing my piece with the world last 3 years and finally here i am. I gathered my courage to start this website and share my ideas and findings with you. Together with my boyfriend ( my biggest support ) we promise to bring you the best content we are able to.

Since my passion is in Life and everything about it starting from the smallest things to the bigger once i will write about Life topics in general and its subtopics like Photography, Family and my favorite one Travel. Together we have traveled miles, visited wonderful places and in the process enjoyed native culture and creating beautiful Photography, isn’t life meant to be beautiful and joyful thing … this is what brings me those feelings when i do and think about.

My boyfriend is shy about introductions so i will also write about him here 🙂 He is more into Sport and Productivity although we are both such HUGE FANS of Travel i must say. Visiting Sport stadiums is his joy, i don’t like it but hey it is a part of a journey so why not.

Thank you for reading this dear reader,

We hope you enjoy our posts and the journey we share here.

Best Wishes !